Installing Presets: Lightroom Mobile (iPhone)


This guide will show you how to install presets from The Preset Factory into the free Lightroom Mobile App for iPhone (iOS). Please ensure you update to the latest version before installing the presets.


  1. Download the ‘Mobile Presets (iPhone)’ .zip file from your order download page. You can open this page by opening the “Download Now” link in the confirmation email that we sent to you after your completed you order.


  1. Once the download is complete, press the download icon in the top right of your screen to open the “Files” app on your iPhone. Press on the .zip you download, and the content will automatically be extracted onto your phone (a new folder should appear when this is done). If you do not have a “Files” app on your iPhone, you can use a free .zip extractor app such as iZip, which can be downloaded from the App Store.


  1. Next, open the Lightroom Mobile App. In your Library, click the plus (“+”) icon, and choose to create new “Folder”. Name the folder “Presets”. Open the folder and press to “Create New Album”. Name the album after the name of the preset pack, plus ‘DNGs’ (e.g. “Earth Tones DNGs).


  1. Open the album, and press on the “Add” icon to add new images. Navigate to the folder you extracted from the .zip file on your phone, and select all the DNGs in the folder. Once you have selected them all, choose “Open”.


  1. Open one of the DNG images. Press the three dots icon to open the menu, and choose “Create New Preset”.


  1. Name the preset after the preset name displayed on the DNG image. Under “Preset Group”, choose “Create New Preset Group” and name it after the name of the preset pack. Under the “Light” settings uncheck “Exposure”, and under the “Color” settings uncheck “White Balance”. Press the tick to create the preset.


  1. Follow the same method in steps 5 and 6 above to create preset from the other DNGs. Once you have finished, the presets can now be found under the “Presets” panel when editing an image.