Installing Presets: Lightroom CS4-CS6


This guide will show you how to install presets from The Preset Factory into Adobe Lightroom CS4, CS5 and CS6. Please ensure you update to the latest version before installing the presets. These instructions are for Windows and Mac OS.


  1. Download the ‘Desktop Presets’ .zip file from your order download page. You can open this page by clicking the “Download Now” link in the confirmation email that we sent to you after you completed your order.


  1. Extract the contents of the .zip files onto a folder on your computer. You will find a folder labelled “Lightroom CS4-CS6” and inside there will be a folder starting with “TPF - …”. This is the folder containing the presets you will need.


  1. Open Lightroom (CS4-CS6), and on the top toolbar click “Edit” then click “Preferences”. Under the “Presets” tab, click the button “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”.


  1. Your Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) window will now open with the folder “Lightroom” highlighted. Open the “Lightroom” folder, then open the “Develop Presets” folder.


  1. In a separate Explorer/Finder window, navigate to the folder named “Lightroom CS4-CS6” that you extracted from the .zip file you downloaded. Inside this there is a folder starting with “TPF - …”, in which you will find the preset files (.lrtemplate). Copy this whole folder into the “Develop Presets” folder, then close both windows.


  1. Now close and restart Adobe Lightroom (CS4-CS6), and your presets will appear on the left whilst editing a Photo (Develop View).