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Installing your presets from The Preset Factory couldn't be easier...


Our Installers for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 and Mac OS X 10.11, 10.12, 10.13 will take care of the installation process, and ensure you're presets are installed properly and quickly every time. You'll get a License Key on your downloads page and in your confirmation email to enter into the installer, which helps to validate your purchase and install your presets.



1. On your Order Confirmation Page, click the Download Presets Button. You will be taken to the Downloads Page.
2. On the Downloads Page, make a note of your 16 digit License Key for the product you have purchased. You will need this later to install your presets.
3. Click the Download button next to the product you have purchased. This will download a .zip file containing your installers.
4. Extract/Unzip the files from the .zip file onto your computer.
5. Inside there will be two folder. One labelled MacOS and one labelled Windows. Open the folder for the Operating system you are using, and run the program inside. (For MacOS, you may need to 'Right Click > Open' to open the installer).
6. Once the program is running, enter the 16 digit License Key from the Downloads Page. Click INSTALL to continue.
7. Check the boxes next to the software you'd like to install the presets for, and click CONTINUE to install your presets.


Now you should be ready to jump into your Image Editing software and start using your new presets.