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I can't see the ACR 'Settings' folder on Mac OS

Mac OS sometimes hides certain folders. This may be why you are unable to access this folder.

Please try the following:

- Launch Terminal in your user account (On OS X, open your Applications folder, then open the Utilities folder. Open Terminal Application)

- Next, type the following into the terminal - "defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true". Then press enter (return).

- All system folder's should now be visible. If you now navigate to the 'Camera Raw' folder, you should see the 'Settings' folder, where you copy over the .xmp files.

- Open a RAW image in PS ACR and make sure you can now locate your ACR presets.

- If you can see them, make sure to hide the folders again. Go back to your terminal and type - "defaults write AppleShowAllFiles false". Then press enter (return).



If you are still unable to see your presets, you can load them manually in the ACR using the settings tab. Unfortunately this is a known problem with the Adobe software, and to resolve the issue, you must contact Adobe.

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