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It's been know for a long time that cities are full of life. People going to work, shopping, meeting friends - plenty of opportunities to capture great moments.


Street photography is it's a fine art. A photographer has to explore new places, find interesting people, wait for the right moment, or often think quickly to capture an emotion of event with their camera before it disappears. Artur Szlosarek discussed his Philosophy of Street Photography previous on this blog.


Now we get into the mind and heart of Muhd Aswal, a city and travel photographer from Malaysia, as he discusses his style, his equipment, and his philosophy and shooting great images.



Muhd Aswal Photography

When/how did you get into photography?

Because of Instagram I saw many beautiful photos



Tell is about your style of photography?

My favourite style is Landscape, but I do a little Portrait photography too.



Muhd Aswal Photography

What camera equipment are you currently using and why?

Right now I'm using Sony A6300. Before this I used a Sony A6000 and the lens sigma 30mm f2.8. My favouite lens is the Samyang 12mm f2. I've used both since I started in photography.



Where are you getting inspiration/influence for your images?

My idols (on instagram) @azzamchemanir@zarnizar and @karyaaia.



Muhd Aswal Photography

Your images make a great use of the city and a sense of exploration. What draws to you shooting these kind of images?

I always try to find a new perspective of my city and explore away from my country. That's what makes my photos special from other photographers.



Tell us about your philosophy of how to shoot great images.

I just go shoot whats make my eyes interested.



Muhd Aswal Photography

What do you do when you’re not shooting?

Play instruments and play on Dota 2.



Do you have a favourite image that you've taken?

(See Below)


Muhd Aswal Photography





Muhd Aswal Self Portrait

Muhd Aswal: Portrait by @feeqiuse

To see more of Muhd Aswal's photography visit:

Muhd Aswal on Instagram




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