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Hearing the phrase "The Eyes are the Window to the Soul" never rang truer than when first discovering the work of Angelica Trinco. With a combination of beautifully nautural poses, a stunning eye for capturing light, and impressive array of environments, she delivers a collection of work which breathes lifes into the portrait and beauty genre.
Her impressive and delicate style draws in viewers, inviting them to ask the story and explore the emotions behind her images. We caught up with Angelica to find out about her style, her gear and post-production process, and why she prefers to work with a smaller team...
Photography by Angelica Trinco
Photography by Angelica Trinco

Where are you based?

My name is Angelica Trinco and I live in a little town Trentino Alto Adige, in the north of Italy. 

Tell us a little about yourself. 

I love Animals, travel and photography. I love meeting new people and having new experiences.

When & How did you get in to Photography?

My father loves photography, he used analog cameras; I grew up with a camera in my hands. For me it has always been a natural thing to take photos and then, photography turned out to be my big love and I hope my future job.
Photography by Angelica Trinco
Photography by Angelica Trinco

Describe your style of Photography?

I don't know exactly what is my style of photography, I take photos because when I'm doing it I'm happy, and because I can put my emotions inside that. I take photos of people because I love eyes. I love to travel and I love to find new places and new friends. I don't know what is it exactly my style, but I know that it includes people.

Who/What are you influences?

Last December I met Marta Bevacqua and I fell in love with her as a person and as a talented photographer - I love the color of her photographs and emotion that it manages to convey. Lately I have known Serge Agata, a talented portraitist.
Photography by Angelica Trinco
Photography by Angelica Trinco

What equipment are you using and why?

During my set I only use my Canon 5D mkIII and my lenses: at the first place my Sigma art 35mm 1.4, at the second my Canon 50mm 1.4 and at the third Canon 24-105 f.4. For the rest I only use natural light and natural things around me.

Tell us about your process of post-production.

Once, I was doing so much post production, now I spend more time to create the photo before I post produce it, I find it more interesting to get a good photo than to work with that having to do the magic after. Usually for post production I work with curves and colors, first I use Camera Raw and after with Photoshop to do the last adjustments.
Photography by Angelica Trinco
Photography by Angelica Trinco

Tell us about the type of clients you work for, and how you work with them to achieve their brief?

I work for privates, models, designers, shops and businesses. To achieve the goal we usually speak and try to figure out how to best represent the client and the work that they want.

Describe your process of working with the models in your images, and any team behind the images.

Once, I worked with a big team, but now I prefer work with only the model or with the model and an another person, this because I love the intimate atmosphere during the shooting process. It is more genuine.
Photography by Angelica Trinco
Photography by Angelica Trinco

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on my graduation project (photographic project). Then I'm preparing my own project in collaboration with a photographic brand that I can't discus the name of.


What's been your biggest win/achievement?

Last year I came first at the international Zoè Foundation competition, it was one of the best moments of my life.
Photography by Angelica Trinco
Photography by Angelica Trinco

What is your philosophy on how to shoot great images?

I think that firstly, happiness and being happy is almost always something that helps me a lot. Photography is my big love, I'm not capable of doing anything else, photography is one of the things that makes me more than happy and photograph is a cure for me, I don't know how I'd do without it. I love to put my emotions and all this stuff about me in my photographs, when I walk all I do is think about how I would shoot everything. I live constantly in photo mode and I try to always improve.
Photography by Angelica Trinco
Photography by Angelica Trinco

What do you do when you're not shooting?

When I'm not shooting, I go to the academy. In my free time I love to travel, or go to the mountains. I love driving and visiting new places.

Any tips for wannabe Fashion/Portrait Photographers? 

Take lots of practice, never back down and don't allow others to judge you.

Do you have a favourite image that you've taken? And if so, could you please include the image with the photos you'll send

My favorite picture is the one I made of a girl a month ago. Recently, I took a picture of a cat in Paris and is one of my favorite photos.
Photography by Angelica Trinco
'Favourite Photo' by Angelica Trinco
Photography by Angelica Trinco
Photography by Angelica Trinco
Photography by Angelica TrincoAngelica Trinco Portrait

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