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People use their cameras for a variety of reasons. Some for fun, some for recognition and even some for attention. However there are a select few, such as Tom Sics, who use their cameras to explore the world and find new perspectives through images. He uses his camera to escape the bustle of everyday life and find moments amoungst the simplicity of the forest.

We caught up with Tom to get his philosophies behind great Photography, to find out why he only uses natural light, and to explore more of his raw style & use of color in his imagery.



Where are you from?

I’m originally from Latvia, Riga, but now working in Denmark, Copenhagen as a photographer and a videographer. This city has lots to offer for creatives like me. But for my taste, it needs some extra forests!


Tell us a little about yourself.

Quite young, 23 years of age, coffee and rainy days lover. Moved to study Multimedia Design here in Denmark 3 years ago. Finished school, went back and forth to home and here, but now it seems like I have settled in for good. I’m quite a loner, but the camera helps me out.


Photography by Tom Sics

Photography by Tom Sics


When did you first start photography?

I remember it like today - how my first camera (Canon 60D) arrived at my door back in 2014 winter. Delivery guy just dropped it outside the apartment in the middle of the hallway and it just sat there for like 8 hours until I came home. My idea of having the camera came from my classmates who have been shooting for some time already and I felt that this might be my thing. At the point I did not realize that my grandfather actually had been taking photos seriously for almost 40 years. Guess the desire comes from him!


"The visual must be the intro of endless realities."


Tell us about your style of photography.

I feel they come from awareness that I have for myself. From all the things that have shaped me as a being. Sometimes it seems that people might not connect with it, but that’s why they are the ones who create their own story. The visual must be the intro of endless realities. We all have our own. That’s why I use colors and always if I have a chance, have a person out there in a photo. It does not require a portrait, just someone, wandering around within his own universe.


Photography by Tom Sics

Photography by Tom Sics


"I always shoot natural light because it feels more authentic."


Tell us about the techniques you use and why.

Breathe, enjoy and shoot. Most important technique is to actually feel good about where you are, with who you are and if you are having a good time. I always shoot natural light because it feels more authentic.


What message or feeling are you trying to convey in your photography?

I’ve always liked all the small things from the world we live in. How changing a perspective can open new, beautiful views for you. Photography has opened my eyes for them, I’m trying to show it.


What draws you to forest areas as a setting for your photography?

It would probably be to escape the current reality I live it. Going somewhere with my camera, it turns in to different world for me.


Photography by Tom Sics

Photography by Tom Sics


Who are the models that you use in your photography?

I love to take photos of my friends mostly with whom I have a connection with. We can feel really free and instead of wasting energy, it gives us double back.


What equipment are you using? E.g. camera, lenses, flash, bags, filters etc.

Currently using canon 6D with 20mm 2.8 and 40mm 2.8 Canon lenses.


What do you edit you photos with? E.g. software, mac/pc

It depends. Sometimes I switch from my PC to Mac and around. It usually happens in Lightroom and Photoshop comes for some small adjustments. Usually taking some annoying things in the capture.


Photography by Tom Sics

Photography by Tom Sics


What do you do when you're not shooting?

Drinking coffee and listening to interviews and reading books. If I haven't done editing photos are taking them, in the end of the day it feels that I have let myself down. A great habit to have.


Do you have a favourite photograph that you’ve taken?

My favorite photo is the one with Diana, my close friend. We went hiking and on our way to the trail, there was a long road with trees besides. The view was so epic with reddish and blue tones. We instantly stopped and made some magic there. Its hard to explain, I just love the picture and emotions.


Photography by Tom Sics

"Tom's Favourite Image" - Photography by Tom Sics



Tom Sics Portrait

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