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Sometimes keeping the technique simple allows you to spend more time on the important things, like creating a connection with your talent. A good connecting with your model while shooting Fashion or Portrait Photography is important, to ensure they understand your vision, and can interpret your direction.

This is true of our Featured Photographer Max Weir, who uses natural light and a great connection with his models to create stunning imagery that tells a story and captures each person's nuances and characteristics.

We caught up with Max to find out about his gear, his techniques, and his philosophies on shooting intriguing portraits...



Photography by Max Weir

Images by Max Weir


Where are you from?

United Kingdom.


When/how did you get into photography?

It all started back in school when I saw someone with a massive lens on the end of a camera and wanted to know what it was all about. So I managed to have a go, and thought it was fascinating how I could take a picture of someone that far away and I was hooked ever since.


Photography by Max Weir

Images by Max Weir


"I like to keep it as natural as possible."


Tell is about your style of photography?

I have all sorts of things in different styles. But I would like to say what I love to do the most is portraits and lifestyle photography. Being able to connect with my subject and have the challenge of trying to tell a story in a single image really appeals to me. In terms of my editing style, I like to keep it as natural as possible. I use natural light, I don’t like to shoot with external lighting such as flashes or strobes. I like to try and get that vintage film effect so normally my images are grainy and washed out.


What camera equipment are you currently using and why?

I currently use the Sony Alpha A7Rii. I’m in love with this camera. It sees light in a completely different way to my canon. It feels good, sounds good and produces great quality images. I’ve used canon from the get go and still love their cameras. But right now this mirrorless magician works wonders for me. For lenses - 90% of the time my Sigma 35mm doesn’t leave my body. It’s an amazing lens, really sharp and even though some people say it’s a bit too wide for portraits, it suits me fine and I can still use it on a day to day basis if I just want to go out and shoot. 


Photography by Max Weir

Images by Max Weir


Where are you getting inspiration/influence for your images?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I get influenced from Instagram. But I also get most of my inspiration from looking in magazines, TV shows, movies, even walking around town and travelling, seeing what other people are doing. I’m a very visual person, so anything can spark an idea. But like I said, social media also plays a big part.


Your images make a great use of location, natural light, and coloring in your Portrait Photography. Can you tell us more about your processes when planning these kinds of shots?

There’s not much to it really. I’ll normally see a location and think that would be great for a shoot and go from there. Start putting a mood board together based on the style of the shoot, colors, clothing etc. When it comes to lighting, I’ll just check the forecast and go from there. Then when I’m shooting I’ll walk the space so to speak with my model, go over my ideas and see how the light hits them.  


Photography by Max Weir

Images by Max Weir


"I like to have a good relationship with my subject, spend a little time getting to know them."


Tell us about your philosophy of how to shoot great images.

I like to have a good relationship with my subject, spend a little time getting to know them. I feel like it makes them feel more relaxed, especially when it comes to my portrait work. Going over Ideas, making sure were both on the same page, just good communication and having fun.


What are you using to edit your images?

I do the most of my editing in Adobe Lightroom and then I’ll bring my work into Adobe Photoshop to do any finishing touches and resizing etc.


What do you do when you’re not shooting?

When I’m not shooting I’m either planning shoots or doing admin. Talking to clients and models, testing out new Ideas or location scouting…and then there’s the occasional down time.


Do you have a favourite image that you've taken?

If I’d had to pick a favorite image right now It would probably one I took with Emily. I love eyes and grabbing a great image with beautifully sharp eyes staring right at you are probably my favorite shots.


Photography by Max Weir

Emily | Favorite Photo | Image by Max Weir



Max Weir Portrait

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