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With his immaculate images and razor sharp visual style, it's clear why Marc Hayden's clients include companies such as Reebok, Diesel, Men's Health and Remington. His portrait and beauty photography is captivating - inviting the viewer to explore the beautiful lighting and tone of an image, whilst exciting them to see more of his incredible work.

Discover more about Marc's work, his gear & editing workflow, and why he thinks it's important to embrace your own style of photography...



Marc Hayden Photography

Images by Marc Hayden


Where are you based?

I'm based in Barnet, North London, UK.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I studied fine art at school, and although I only picked up an SLR once at school, I always thought about photography. I can’t not be creating; I also play guitar, so music and art are a way of life.
Marc Hayden Photography

Images by Marc Hayden


"I treat each edit as if it were a stand-alone piece of art."


When & How did you get in to Photography?

Id say about 5 years ago when Instagram first came out. I remember loving the camera on the iPhone, and then this new app came out with filters and the ability to share images, and that was it!

Describe your style of Photography?

I treat each edit as if it were a stand-alone piece of art. I'd say it was very much beauty-based.
Marc Hayden Photography

Images by Marc Hayden


Who/What are you influences?

Fine art, rather than photographers were a greater influence when I started getting into photography. I'm a huge admirer of Cubism, Pop Art, and street art.

What equipment are you using and why?

My main camera is a Sony A7rii, and my second camera (and main one for 4.5yrs) is a Canon 5D mk3. My Sigma Art 35mm never leaves my camera, and I use Profoto B1s when I need extra light.
Marc Hayden Photography

Images by Marc Hayden


Tell us about your process of post-production.

I use Lightroom 80% and Photoshop 20%. Usually I do major skin editing in LR, and then take into PS to liquify and/or apply frequency separation if I need to, and then back into LR to grade colour.

Tell us about the type of clients you work for, and how you work with them to achieve their brief?

At the moment, my main clients are either model agencies, or brands needing social imagery. Thankfully, both are quite happy to trust my direction… long as I deliver!
Marc Hayden Photography

Images by Marc Hayden


Describe your process of working with the models in your images, and any team (Stylist, Makeup, Client) behind the images.

Interesting question, as it is constantly changing. I used to use MUAs all the time, but now, agencies tend to prefer natural looks. I do prefer smaller teams, but I need to get a regular stylist on-board.

What are you currently working on?

A few social media campaigns for jewellery and leather-wear brands, the occasional corporate shoot, and constant model portfolios.
Marc Hayden Photography

Images by Marc Hayden


"Embrace your own style, and nurture it."


What's been your biggest achievement?

Id say breaking into top agency testing has been a major achievement, and doing a top-end shoot for Kryolan was a real high.

What is your philosophy on how to shoot great images?

Shoot how you shoot. As simple as that sounds, when you try and emulate someone else, it just doesn’t work. Embrace your own style, and nurture it. No one else can produce work like you do, so why not go with it.
Marc Hayden Photography

Images by Marc Hayden


What do you do when you're not working?

It isn’t work as far as I'm concerned, so I pretty much shoot and edit most of the time. I'm addicted. I also play guitar and have a wonderfully understanding wife!

Do you have a favourite image that you've taken?

Hmmm….it changes constantly, but I did a shot of Nevs model, Lilia Weddell which I didn’t even think that much of at the time, but it went crazy on social media, and then I appreciated it a whole lot more!
Marc Hayden Photography

Lilia Weddell - Portrait by Marc Hayden




Marc Hayden Portrait
Marc Hayden Portait