Academy | Five reasons Photographers need to start using Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly the fastest growing social network. It’s tidy interface, along with simple user experience means more people are logging on, signing up, and sharing their images with the world. But these tiny squares aren’t just filled with people's lunches, shameless selfies and holiday snaps...

Big named brands are realising the power of this pocket sized social network, and are quick to jump on to get their voice heard in the Instagram world. And on a social platform where the best images are king, who better to post their work than photographers. It’s a great way to get your work out there, promote your brand and allow your work to reach millions, yes MILLIONS of users.

Here are five reasons photographers need to start using Instagram:


Get your work in front of millions of fans

As of January 2016, Instagram has over 400 million users, and unlike Facebook, it doesn’t limit your reach (just yet). Facebook uses algorithms to limit your post reach, because it wants you to pay for advertising to get your photographs “boosted”. But Instagram is as strict just yet. So you can reach more people with your photos than other social media sites.


What analog photography is to digital

Its no secret that many digital photographers are moving to shooting on analog film. Why? Not only the great colors and grain textures, but it’s forcing photographers to think before they shoot. The limited rolls of film mean that every snap takes thought.

And the same goes for using the camera on your phone. With a limited field of view (much like shooting with a prime lens), and lack of control in photo editing apps, photographers who are shooting with their phones are having to go back to basics. They are beginning to concentrate more on the important/key elements of photography such as composition and lighting.



Get feedback on your work

To grow and become better at your craft, sometimes you need honest reviews from people whose opinions you value. And no better place to do it than Instagram. Unsure of which color tone to use on that recent wedding shoot? Post it on Instagram and get your followers to help you decide by commenting. You might also get useful tips from people using the same camera or editing software as you.


Find inspiration from other photographers

Photographers have already taken to their phones and started posting their best photos onto Instagram. And even amateurs who use nothing more than their phones to take pictures have found their calling. It’s allowed people to express themselves in a different way... a way that isn’t limited to 140 characters. People’s imaginations have begun pouring out onto these tiny squares, and they’re a great source of inspiration. Simply find an interesting hashtag (#) and explore what other users are creating.


You’ll shoot more

To stay relevant and keep your working in front of your audience, you need to post photos weekly (or even daily) to stay in people’s Instagram feeds. Sure you can go through your old photographs from time to time, but soon you’ll run out. And you’ll need to shoot more. And shooting more means more practice. And with more practice comes better images. Practicing your craft and challenging yourself will help you develop your style. Try to take a new photo each day to post to your followers. Haven’t got any inspiration for the day? Try taking a picture of your photography gear beautifully laid out to show people what your packing! Shooting in a great location? Make sure you take a quick snap and let your audience see where you are today.


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So if you're not on instagram yet, just google "Instagram" and download the app for your device today.

At The Preset Factory, we love to put our latest images on Instagram. And if you've used our presets to edit your photos, simply upload them and tag us using #thepresetfactory and we'll repost our favourite!