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Where are you from?
My name is Daniel Gregory and I currently live in Las Vegas, NV.
When/how did you get into photography? 
I got into photography in January of 2016 when I stumbled upon Dylan Furst's instagram and was in awe by the photos he took. Dylan's photos really inspired me to start bringing a camera on all my adventures since I was already an outdoor enthusiast. Since then I have been constantly studying photography and finding more amazing photographers everyday through social media.
I like to discover new places and really capture the emotion that I feel while being there.
Tell us about your style of photography?
I would say my style of photography mostly leans toward outdoor lifestyle and adventure. I like to discover new places and really capture the emotion that I feel while being there. When taking these images I also like to add a subject to the scenery to get a better sense of scale and perspective. 
Photography by Daniel Gregory
What camera/equipment are you currently using and why?
Right now I am using a Canon 6D with a Canon 16-35 f2.8 lens. I chose the Canon 6D because I thought it would be a great first full-frame camera. I wanted to compliment the full frame sensor with a wide angle lens so I could really get as much of a landscape as possible in my shot without having too much distortion.
Where are you getting inspiration/influence for your images?
It seems like everyday I am finding new amazing photographers that all inspire me different ways. I love finding new photographers on social media and looking through their galleries and seeing each individuals own style. I am also very inspired by photographers who not only get amazingly aesthetic shots but really push the envelope by putting themselves through harsh conditions just to get a unique and amazing shot. Photographers like Jimmy Chin, Chris Burkard and James Barkman to name a few.
Photography by Daniel Gregory
Sometimes it's just finding a little peace and sense of freedom.
Your images have a strong sense of exploration, nature and adventure.  What draws you to these aesthetics?
I find that there is an indescribable beauty in nature and you never know what you will find. Sometimes it's just finding a little peace and sense of freedom or sometimes it could be discovering a landmark and beautiful aesthetic. When I am out in nature I feel very free and at peace . I believe I can bring a little of that back with me in a photograph and share it with others to inspire them. 
Tell us about your philosophy of how to shoot great images.
I think the most important elements of a great image are scale, depth, lighting, angle and uniqueness. I have always been surprised at how hard it is to actually get a great image and how much work goes into it. A picture is worth a thousand words but to portray real emotion in an image is the real challenge.
Photography by Daniel Gregory
What are you using to edit your images?
I currently use Lightroom 5 to edit all of my images.
What do you do when you’re not shooting?
If I'm not shooting then there is a good chance I am studying photography or post process editing. Other than that I try to get inspired by watching outdoor lifestyle documentaries and of course spend time with friends and family.
Photography by Daniel Gregory
Do you have a favourite image that you've taken?
I think my favourite image I've taken was one from Arches National Park where I had a friend stand at Double Arch and hold a flashlight out into the starry sky. I like this image not only because of how much work I put into it by staying out in the middle of desert all night trying to get the right shot, but also when I saw how the image came out, I knew right away it was exactly what I was going for and that it would get more attention than any image I had ever taken. Sure enough, not too long after posting it, @instagood shared my image and it got about 11k likes and  it was a great feeling to get that kind of recognition.
Photography by Daniel Gregory

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