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Firstly, we'd like to say a big thank you to all the photographers who took the dive and entered their images edited with the Alpha Collection. We've seen an abundance of creativity, talent, and huge collection of inspiring images. And for this reason, it's been a mammoth task for our panel of judges to choose just 3 top winners! But here are the results:


1st Place - Christopher Sy

Alpha Contest 1st Place - Christopher Sy

"I just want the people to see, know and feel how the way I saw it. And through that mood/tone and the image itself I know that I could speak to them. The beautiful lighting coming from the windows above, the people passing through and the God-given fruits of love. 


The title of the image is "Natural Remedy", simply because I think that eating healthy is much better for the body than drinking supplements or medicines. A friend of mine shared how he saw the image saying, "The important stuff we need, we don't give it enough importance and hardest working people for a good cause are farmers but they don't get enough money to go through with life." and then I realized, it really depends on how you want to interpret or analyze my image. We all have different perspectives, so the story is really up to the person on how he/she sees and interprets it, and I believe that's how one artist and or image can touch people through photography." - Christopher Sy


2nd Place - Daksh Dev

Alpha Contest 2nd Place - Daksh Dev


3rd Place - Jeffrey Vonk

Alpha Contest 3rd Place - Jeffrey Vonk



Notable Entries

So we've chosen our top 3 winners. However we must also recognise some of the other notable entries, who's images we felt displayed real passion and creativity...


Andrea Carrisi

Andrea Carrisi Photography


Pawel Szvmanski

Pawel Szvmanski Photography


Rachata Teyparsit

Rachata Teyparsit


Fabio Interra

Fabio Interra Photography